Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tooth box

Someone lost her first tooth. And we decided it should be in a keepsake box. A quick weekend project.

I used a bit of scrap cherry wood

Made my “lid” cut first.

With a forstner bit, I drilled out a nice cavity for the tooth. (pun?)

Drilled out some holes to fit 4 neodymium on each side. To sand off the sides, I used a super cheat. I cut up some thin strips of sandpaper about 5” by 3/4”. Taped the back with duct tape for reinforcement. Then folded it in half, lengthwise. Then just clipped it to my scroll saw! The oscillation makes for great sanding!! Made quick work of my little box. Gets into the areas/cuts where I can’t get to with my plane sander.. or my finger.

  Decided to give it a light coat of stain

Going to glue a small piece of felt on the bottom of the hole there.

To personalize it with a date or year the tooth fell out. And maybe Persephanie’s initials too. I’ll use a wood burner.