Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Eli Shane’s blaster (part 1)

Starting out with the chassis of the blaster. It’s going to be the main portion of the gun. I originally thought of building this out of foam entirely. But, decided I wanted this thing to have both the detail and the weight of a blaster. Not just a toy. But, a model I can showcase. And it’ll have to be durable enough for my little nephew!

Cutting out some MDF outlines using a printout for the template. Glued 2 pieces together. (I accidentally made an extra piece.. I went with the wrong scale!)

Center punching to get the circle’s centre.

The grip will be made of stronger wood. Using oak. This project will be made of scrap material. Whatever I can find in the garage.

Cutting a channel in the grip for the trigger to slide into. Yes, I am making a working trigger! Figure I might as well make it light up when the trigger is fired! Either lights or sound FX. Whatever I can find/scavenge off another toy. And it’ll have to be small enough to fit inside the housing

Small piece of oak for the trigger.

A little detail. I have no idea what this thing is. Can’t be the safety. It’s too far up and out of the way to be the safety. O well.. it’s a design thing, I guess.

More scrap wood. Pine.

Cutting 2 diameters into this detail. The shoulder there is for the clear lexan plastic. Where I’m going to shine a light from behind. (From when the trigger is pulled)

Boring out a hole for the electronic bits. Hope it’s big enough.

Found these dials to be too thick. So, I needed to carve out some wood to make room for it. This thing NEEDS to be the right dimensions!! Aiming for perfection here. :)

A little persuasion to make the tight fit.

There. Now, it’s the correct width. The extra effort was worth it.

Found this 4mm thick plastic sheet in my garage. Have no idea what it was for. Was leaning up on my wall for years! Well.. it’s got a purpose now. hehe This was both thick and strong enough for the grip/trigger guard.

Basic finger joints with super glue. It may look simple, but there’s some complex angles going on there!

I think I’m going to stop for tonight. Been a long and productive day.


  1. please can u tell me from which site did u get that print of the blaster??? please

  2. please can u tell me please please please

  3. Hi, Subha. Sorry, I can't give you the plans for the Blaster. As it's company property (NercdCorps Animation studio) I had to get permissions to use it in my designs.