Sunday, July 31, 2016

Foam Tsum Tsum Castle

Persephanie saw a wooden toy castle at Michael’s that thought it would be a great way to store all her Tsum Tsum toys. And it would double as a playset.

But, we’re not going to spend it on an overpriced toy. We do what we always do, turn it into a weekend project...

Starts out with foam core boards from the dollarstore. And I was too lazy to cut out the castle wall details by hand. The signature “teeth” on top of Medieval castles (aka crenellations). So, I made quick work of them on my table saw with a dado stack. :D

 Measure twice, cut once.


Hotgluing all the panels together. Cut out the front door too.

Each Tsum Tsum will have their own room

Adding a carrying handle

Of course, any respectable castle has a drawbridge.

And a crest. 

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  1. Very nice. Gonna paint it any more or leave it white?