Thursday, September 6, 2012

Skyloft: Ladder

The original design didn't have a ladder to get up to the loft. I wanted a clean profile. Only access was a few rock climbing pegs. Figure it was a good way to "earn" your way into the fort. But, my wife (and everyone else) seemed to have an opinion otherwise. 

The rungs. Painted black to color match.

The steps on the rungs are coated with a paint that was specific to deck paint. I also added a anti-slip powder to the paint. Don't want any accidents when there's water!

The wood of the ladder itself is reclaimed lumber! Yea! Here, I added a grab hold hole. Might as well make it even safer for people. *cough*wife*cough*

Rounded off the edges. Sanded all the surfaces of the ladder. Making sure it was splinter free.

Hiring some help.

Jaden manning the drill with authority.

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