Thursday, August 2, 2012

Random Act of Kindness

Over the weekend, I was working on my big fort project. Tony, a 70+ year old Italian neighbour that I see walk by all the time comes up to me. He asks me to make him a deck gate for his grandson. He tells me he's starting to walk and is moving about. He needed a gate to prevent his grandson from moving past the property. He's old and can't keep up.

Looking around my garage for spare wood, hoping to score some leftovers to make a gate. No luck. I tell him I would build him one if he can get me some wood. Minutes later, he comes back with a large piece of wood. I quickly recognized it was from the house behind mine that is still under construction. I'm thinking.. good on him.. he's old, he has no problem taking wood from that property. I take it and start on his project.

The wood he gave me was enough for the frame work. But, we still needed the wood to finish it off. A short trip to the hardware store, and he brought me back some nice tongue and groove cedar planks. (love the smell of cedar)
There weren't any blueprints or designs. Only 2 numbers: width and height. Those were the only requirements. Finished off the top of the gate with a simple "half-moon" design. Just used a piece of string to get the nice curve in.

It only took me an hour total to finish this up. Took it back to his house. Cause the thing got pretty heavy. He offered to pay for my services. Cash and some nice wine. Too bad I don't drink. And I'm not taking money from this nice guy.

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