Friday, August 3, 2012

Skyloft: Breaking Ground

Before we started, I made a trip to city hall to check to see if I needed a permit to build my fort. I figure it's going to be big and they might say something. Now, I don't REALLY have to ask them. I can just build it and hope no one says anything. But, I don't know all my neighbours. And it only takes one person to make that call and bust me out. Figure I'm not willing to risk all my efforts and money to be forced to tear it all down after it's all finished! So, I went the correct path.

After City Hall, I also made a call to BC One Call. They are a service that takes your all you info (what /where/when you're digging) and forwards your information to all relative utility companies. Like Gas, Hydro, telephone, etc. I get an either 'yah' or 'nay' from each respective companies via email. If there was a 'nay' from just one company, my project will have to be redesigned, relocated, or worse.. halted.

Fortunately, It was a green light from everyone! And no permit was needed. As my design was within all maximum dimensions.

The tent was put up the night before as it was raining all week. The slightly moist ground was actually our favour as it made digging easier.

Time to recruit family members to help!

Staking in the lines for the corner post's squareness.

Reason why I needed so many help at this stage is because it's the most critical to the entire build. Without a properly straight and true foundation, everything else above it will fail.

All the studs on the floor of the shed will be pressure treated lumber. It's going to be in close contact with a lot of moisture. (i.e. snow in the wintertime) Making sure this thing lasts! I'm too lazy to replace parts when they break down.

Love the quick set concrete! 30 minutes and we can continue to work again.

End of day 1. Had a pretty productive day. Have all the framework done for the shed.

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