Thursday, August 2, 2012

Skyloft: Design

This is a big project. Might be the biggest one I've ever try to attempt. I've reno'd many places before, but never a full standing exterior structure that is exposed to 4 seasons of weather. It's also a project that I've always wanted to do. C'mon... who are we kidding.. EVERYONE wanted a treehouse/clubhouse when they were young! A place for a young one to escape to fight pirates, ward off enemies of castle towers, launch to space from their spaceship.

I'm going to make that dream come true for my daughter. Unbeknownst to her, it won't simply be a "playground" for her. It will be much more than that. The plan is to make it a hub for creative learning. A place to spark her imagination and plant a seed of intrigue in science and explore the world around her.

This project actually started out to be a simple shed. For me. I need to clear out my garage so I can reclaim some real estate to work on my projects. Especially my neglected cars. Then my wife said, "Can we build a treehouse on TOP of your shed?" That sparked of ideas and they flooded in.

I'm aiming for a simple and modern design. Nothing colourful as I don't want it to be an eyesore for the neighbourhood.

My requirements:
- Looks simple and modern
- Does NOT look like a playground
- Safe!!!
- Meets construction building codes
- Permit if needed
- As large as possible. Before code
- Shed on ground level
- Play fort on top level
- Roof for weather proofing
- Can be locked down

- Good lighting
- All wood construction
- Purple interior. (Daughter's favorite color)
- Musical instruments (For starters, Blue Man Group's PVC pipe instruments)
- Rain water collection system
- Many secret compartments
- Dual function furniture (i.e. Chairs that are also storage boxes, etc)
- WiFi Webcam surveillance

Design starts out on computer. It's easy for me to visualize things in 3D space quicker. I can mock everything up down to the inch. Using the specs from standard lumber that is available at HomeDepot. This also allows me to know exactly how much I need to buy. Minimizing wastage.

Temp wood bracing for concrete foundation pour

Shed floor

Play fort floor


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