Thursday, July 19, 2012

Past Projects: Chicken Lord

Another one from 10 years ago! Was eventually given as a gift to an old supervisor and friend.

This little guy was spawned out of frustration really. I was surrounded, at work, by a bunch of guys that were into a game called Warhammer. Pretty nerdy game. The game pieces are small miniature scupltures of little army creatures. The guys would talk Warhammer ALL DAY LONG. Then I'd poke fun and say I was gonna raise an army of chickens and beat them all! That would've put them in their place! So, I went home that night and started sculpting. With a (really) small chunk of Sculpey and some wire, whipped up the little chicken.

Well, I never did get to make that army. But, then again.. I was moved out of the room. Just as well.

This little sculpture was then given to a friend as a gift. Thought it was quite appropriate. It was the year of the chicken and he was going to 'cross' the (big watery) 'street' to get to the other side (for work).

Who's the nerd now!?!

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