Thursday, July 19, 2012

Past Projects: Wooden Lock

Got a great little book.. forgot the name of it. I'll have to find it someday and post it up here..

Thought this was a funny idea. A lock made of wood. (6 different kinds of hardwoods to be exact. Mahogany, Oak, Teak, PurpleHeart, Hickory, and Pine) It was made as a Christmas gift for the family. It's got the family seal on the front. And yes, it does work. The key does turn inside, making the internal mechanisms open the locking shaft. AND IT'S ALL WOOD. I was so tempted to 'cheat' at one point and use metal or plastic for the spring... but was determined to find the proper wood for the spring. Hickory was the one!!! Soft enough to flex but not brittle enough to break. It was so much fun making this, I made 5 more. The last one, that is STILL unfinished, is the most ambitious... the combination lock! I maybe able to finish it for this Christmas... maybe.

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