Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project: Mini-Z drift tires

Man, these little racers are so awesome. I really should dust them off and play with them again. Reading these old posts sure does bring back the nostalgia.

We've been playing with these little R/C cars for a few weeks now. Even setup a nice track here at work! About 6 of us race regularly. But, I've started to favor a different kind of racing. Drifting! It's alot of fun on such a small scale. ALOT cheaper too when things go bad. Replacing parts are alot easier than their real counterparts. Heck, sometimes we'd just scratch build a new custom part. Couldn't do that with a real car.(well... you could. It just wouldn't be safe!)

Drifting is technically not a 'race'. Focusing and judging not on speed rather the performance. It's how you drive "sideways" into a corner. When performed right, it's simply the coolest thing on four wheels.

Now, I'm doing it on a 1/28 scale.

You can find the step-by-step HERE.

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